Spiders and Pinging Blog

August 01, 2014

 Spiders and Pinging Blog

We’ talked a lot about spiders and pinging, but just what do spiders see when they come to your site?
Unlike “human” visitors, spiders are looking for links. In fact, they are not looking at your site at all – they are just scanning through your HTML code!
Let’s take a quick look at what a spider sees when it goes to your blog.
Here is a blog about Commodity Investing. As a human visitor, you would see the following:
Spiders and Pinging Blog

However, the spider is looking below the surface and scanning to find HTML links. When the spider crawls your content, it will see the following:
Spiders and Pinging Blog
The HTML in the Link field as well as the HTML in the content field will be noted by the spider,
But that is not all! The spider is also looking at the rest of your blog and checking out the HTML in the template:
Spiders and Pinging Blog
So, keep in mind, that for the blogging and pinging method to work, you have to optimize the blog for spiders. And that is exactly what you are going to learn to do – see like a spider!

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