Get Paid From Google Adsense

July 26, 2014

When and How to Get Paid from Google?

When your total unpaid earnings reach $100, Google Adsense will send you a payment at the end of the next month. For example, if your total unpaid earnings reached $100 during January and you completed the 4 steps above, they will send you a payment at the end of February.

If your total unpaid earnings haven't yet reached $100, they'll roll over to the next month and accrue until they meet the $100 threshold.

Google AdSense offers payment to publishers in US dollar checks as well as local currency options in many locations. Secured Express Delivery is available to all publishers, and Electronic Funds Transfer is offered to publishers in a select number of countries and territories.

Google AdSense Payment Options:

Get Paid From Google Adsense


Electronic Funds Transfer: 

With Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT), your payment is deposited directly into your bank account in your local currency.

Local currency checks:

 Google will convert your earnings from US dollars into your local currency if this option is selected. Available to publishers in more than 40 countries, local currency checks are generally less expensive to deposit at your bank, and take less time to clear.

 Secured Express Delivery:

 Secured Express Delivery ensures that your check arrives quickly and safely by using a courier service to send your check to you.

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