Google Adsense ad Placement(Setting)

July 26, 2014

 Google Adsense ad Placement(Setting)


 Google Ads Optimize and Edit.

For now we know which advertisement we can choose and how to get paid with Google Ads. But we don't know how to optimize and edit advertisements for your site... yet!

To do that you need only to setup Advertisement colors and positions on your site or blog. That's not hard as you think it is. All you need is to read above and find out how to easily do all of that.

Advertisement Color Optimization

First of all you need to know which color do you want to put all elements of one advertisement like:

Title Color – Number 1 on below image;
Text Color – Number 2 on below image;
URL Color – Number 3 on below image.
Google ads Optimize and Edit google ads

Of course you need to fit advertisement to your website or blog. If you want to do that you need to pickup exact color which you can use as ad color. Colors are based on HEX numbers, each color has it's own number.

But How to Know which Number is which Color?

That's easy – you need some software that can read your color codes easily. There are many tools for main web browsers. I have tryed these two, very easy applications for Firefox and Internet Explorer.
A Color Picker – For Internet Explorer users
Color Picker Extension – For Firefox users

When you install above mentioned plugins / extensions you will be able to pick any color of your (or any other) site. For more informations and guides about these application visit above home pages.
Note that the best thing is to skin your advertisement into your website or blog template. Advertisement shouldn't be very attractive and with different colors than your site. This may distract your visitors from clicking on them.

Advertisement Optimization Spots

This is second and very important thing for advertisement optimization. You should pick right place where you want to put advertisements on your site. The best and most popular spots are visible on below image:
Google ads Optimize and Edit

Image Legend ‐ (Ad type (recommended type) and size in pixels)

HEADER 1 - Leaderboard Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 728x90

HEADER 2 - Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468x60

POST 1 - Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468x60

POST 2 - Rectangle (Contextual) 180x150 or Box 125x125

POST 3 - Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 468x60

FOOTER - Leaderboard Banner (Graphics or Contextual) 728x90

SIDEBAR - Skyscrapers (Contextual or Graphics) 160x600 or 190x600

These positions can be applied to most blogs or similar websites. Under "Graphics" term we mean that you may put image, flash and multimedia banners or widgets with correct size of course. Under "Contextual" term we mean that you can put text elements ONLY, with nice and stylish design. Many positions supports both types, except in POST 2 field.

Remember that placing right advertisement on right place may dramaticly improve your click‐through rate. And by that way of course more earnings for you.

Don't place too many advertisements on one page, that will only distract and confuse your visitors. And you don't want that of course. Because without visitors to your site you will not earn anything!

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