WordPress SEO Plugins

July 27, 2014

WordPress SEO Plugins

Plugins are small files of code, considered "hacks," that

can add fun and useful features to your blog.


There are vast numbers of open source plugins available. You
can usually choose from two or three that will do essentially the
same thing. You may have to try several plugins before you find
the one that works for you.
Generally, adding a plugin to your blog after it is set up and running isn’t a problem,
but sometimes you can run into issues. We suggest researching what you want your
blog to do and finding the right plugins to make it happen. Take a look at our
recommended list of plugins for SEO and then search the WordPress Codex for more

SEO Title Tag

Since page titles are very powerful in the Search Engines, this plugin really helps
your WordPress blog’s optimization. It allows you to give each post its own unique
title tag – one that is uncoupled from the title of the post. This enables you to write a
title tag that’s good for the Search Engines while keeping a post title that will appeal
to humans.
SEO Title Tag was built by the developers at NetConcepts. Don’t forget to follow their
instructions for modifying the code in Theme Editor or it won’t work exactly right.

Ultimate Tag Warrior

This plugin creates a tag cloud for your blog by enabling you to group posts together
based on "tags" you include when you write your posts. Tag clouds help your SEO by
creating internal links to relevant pages using good keywords.
Ultimate Tag Warrior is not compatible with WordPress 2.0 BY ITSELF – so be sure
you download the Compatibility Thing here. This one’s from Caution:
This plugin may be a bit difficult for non-coders to get working right.


This add-on makes it easy for you to add meta keywords and meta descriptions to
each post and page on your blog. While these may not help in Google, they do still
have some influence in other Search Engines.

Follow URL

By default, every link placed within the WordPress comments section is automatically
no-followed. Although this makes it much easier to control spam comments, it also
discourages legitimate comments on your blog. Allowing those who share good
information to gain a link from your blog encourages more good comments and will
likely attract links to your site.

Contextual Related Posts

This plugin will display five contextually related post titles at the end of your post. It
shows readers where they can find more information about the topic they're already
reading about. This can prompt your visitors to spend more time on your site,
viewing more pages.

It's also a great way to theme your blog and to direct the Search Engines, via good
link text, to other pages on your site about the same topic. Some of these may be
old posts that are now buried deep within your blog and linking to them from a new
post can bring the attention of your readers and the Search Engines back to them.

Social Bookmarking

There are quite a few plugins available to enable social bookmarking on your
WordPress blog. This one from Apostolos Dountsis is fairly comprehensive.
WordPress SEO Plugins
However, the easiest way to add buttons to just the sites you want to your
sidebar is with a text box widget. Many of the newer WordPress themes have easy
widget selection built right into them and offer several text boxes you can place in
your sidebar(s).
Once the text box is enabled, you can go to your favorite social sites, grab the code
for the displays you prefer, and add them in the box.

Plugins and Updates

After a major WordPress update is released, we recommend waiting before
upgrading. This gives the coders time to make sure there are no bugs in the update.
Also, some plugins may need to be reconfigured to work properly, and it gives plugin
programmers time to update their code hacks to work with the latest version.

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