07 Steps for Successful Blogging

July 27, 2014

Start a blogging is not for everyone.

 There are lots of reasons not to blog, including having
the time to keep a blog up to date, having something to say, and the fact that blogging is
becoming an increasingly crowded space making it far tougher to stand out than it may have
been in the past. Why would I start a post about successful blogging with all these cautions
against blogging? Mostly to make sure that if you are going to start a blog, you are getting into
it without a false expectation that it can solve all your problems or how much work it will be.
Assuming you have the right idea in mind, the question I get asked most often is how you can
make your blog as successful as possible.
07 Steps for Successful Blogging

 Here are some tips for new bloggers on what you may

want to focus on 07 steps of blogging:

1. Find a good niche. 

First step in blogging, think hard about what you want to write about. It has to be something
you are passionate about and interested in, otherwise it won't work. The more specific you can
get, the better. You can also broaden it later, but in the beginning you need to find a subject
that you can own.

2. Choose a name and URL. 

Most important in blogging but just as many companies these days do,
you should let available URLs drive how you name your blog. If you can't get the URL, don't
use the name. And make sure you plan to put your blog on a specific URL, whether you are
using Typepad or Blogspot or any other service. Trust me on this, you'll eventually wish you
built your blog on your own URL, whether you think so today or not.

3. Grab a template and launch quickly.

 The biggest paralysis new bloggers have blogging is wanting to
get their new blog just right. In the first few weeks of your blog, the most important thing is to
find your voice - so forget about design just launch it with a ready made template. Chances are
remote that search engines will list it that quickly, and you'll have a few weeks to get it right.

4. Choose your blog title.

 At this point, you will likely have several blogging posts to look at and
a better sense of what you enjoy writing about. It's the perfect time to check the title of your
blog and theme that you set earlier and make sure it still accurately describes what you want to
write about. If it doesn't, now is the perfect time to fix it.

5. Get your blog listed.

 It's also time in these two weeks to get your blog listed on all the search
engines by submitting it. You should also claim it on Technorati, and submit it to any other
sites in your particular industry or area of focus. Remember, you don't need to focus on
promotion right now, this is just about getting your site listed. Because blogging is not fun.

6. Actively share your posts.

 In addition to emailing them to your influencers, you should
start finding appropriate social networks and sites on which to share your blogging posts. This
could mean submitting them to Digg, or posting them onto with keyword tags.

7. Integrate your blog into your profiles.

 At the point when you start your blog, you are
probably already using other social networks such as Facebook or LinkedIn. After the first
month when you have some good activity on your blog, you can add the URL to your profiles
and make sure that your network knows you have a blogging power.

The best advice I can offer at this stage and moving ahead beyond 07 steps is to try and
stay as consistent as possible, and continue to create the best content you can, and share it with
people in your network most likely to help you spread the word.

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