Get Free TrafficTricks

July 26, 2014

                     Get Free Traffic Tricks

Get Free Traffic

Let’s tell you three  steps to get free traffic on your blog or website…

1.Find the “SWEET SPOT”: 

Leverage the power of the Keyword Planner search tool to find profitable keywords with HIGH TRAFFIC and LOW COMPETITION. This will make or break everything else you do and you can
easily get free traffic.

2.Create KEYWORD TARGETED Content:

 After you’ve found several keywords in the SWEET SPOT- it’s time to create keyword targeted content. The best forms of content are ARTICLES, VIDEOS, and BLOG POSTS.
Every person needs to get free traffic .

3.Link Your Way to PROFITS:

 All new content starts out at the bottom of the ocean (aka the internet). Attaching buoys (aka building backlinks) to your content will help it rise to the surface (aka first page of Google) where all of the MONEY is made!

Once you’ve completed the steps- wash, rinse, repeat! This is the EXACT, three-step formula we’ve used to build our small network of websites from scratch to more than 20,500 FREE visitors every single month! Don't waste money to get free traffic.
We hope you learned a ton and wish you unlimited prosperity!

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